Imaginations Soar at Camp Invention

When asked to describe Camp Invention, Camp Director, Mrs. Alicia Measel, was quick to respond with, “collaborate, create, tinker, and reinvent!”  Locally, 103 students from Neshannock, Laurel, St. Vitus, Grove City, Big Beaver, Hermitage, and Beaver County Christian gathered to attend Camp Invention at Neshannock Memorial Elementary School from June 12-16, 2017; however, over 125,000 students attend Camp Invention sites across the nation!

Camp Invention a dream for every student and teacher!  Teachers have the opportunity to teach creatively in an informal environment where they are making connections with campers in regard to science, technology, engineering, and math.  In addition, campers work in teams to investigate, brainstorm, problem-solve, explore, and design.  It is the camp where every idea is encouraged and thinking outside the box is a must!  Campers become strategic thinkers in a fun environment where they are building 21st century thinking skills through various physical and mental activities that will enrich them throughout their education and lives!

More about Camp Invention at Neshannock Memorial Elementary School

Camp Invention Staff:

  • Director:  Mrs. Alicia Measel
  • Assistant Director:  Mrs. Stephanie Peluso
  • Camp Instructors:
    • Mrs. Ashley Seyler
    • Mrs. Bobbi Medure
    • Miss Miranda Negrea
    • Mrs. Michele Lockley
    • Dr. Stephanie Corrette-Bennett
  • Camp Advisor:  Mrs. Concetta Fiorante, Director of Pupil Services
  • Camp Nurse:  Mrs. Lynne Bonner
  • Camp Parent:  Mrs. Denise Slagle
  • Camp Assistants:
    • Mrs. Regina Manos
    • Mrs. Judy DeMatteo
    • Miss Stephanie Bucci

Camp Invention Leadership Interns:

  • Mary Omer
  • Sara Omer
  • Margo Silverman
  • Jessica Schaville
  • Grace Beal
  • Taylor Rand
  • Isabelle Paras
  • Joey Heath

Leadership Interns are rising tenth grade students to current college students.

Camp Invention Counselors in Training:

  • Dove Corrette-Bennett
  • Lucas Doutt
  • Angelina Fontana
  • Hanna Kwiat
  • Jadyn Malizia
  • Joseph Martin
  • Devin Mong
  • Haley Montague
  • William Morgan
  • Nicholas Rzodkiewicz
  • Ronalyn Slagle
  • Vincent Villani

Counselors in Training are rising seventh grade students to ninth grade students.

Camp Invention Curriculum:

  • Module 1:  Duct Tape Billionaire
    • Instructor:  Mrs. Bobbi Medure
    • With the use of duct tape, campers designed products that they can market and sell to prospective investors.
  • Module 2:  Have a Blast
    • Instructor:  Miss Miranda Negrea
    • Using high-tech “Bubble Blasters” built by campers, they competed as a team in friendly air battles in which they used physics to boost their advantage.
  • Module 3:  Mission Space Makers
    • Instructor:  Mrs. Ashley Seyler
    • In order to prepare a new planet for human habitation, campers hatched eggs, sprouted living plants, and grew crystal trees while they were on a mission.
  • Module 4:  Operation Keep Out
    • Instructor:  Dr. Stephanie Corrette-Bennett
    • In order to create the ultimate “Spy Gadget Alarm Box,” campers learned how to reverse engineer old machines and devices.
  • Module 5:  Camp Invention Games
    • Instructor:  Mrs. Michele Lockley
    • Teamwork, problem solving skills, as well as cooperation are all vital entities of the last module.  Creative thinking and problem solving skills are emphasized to campers rather than winning or losing.  Students have physical fun while transforming the recess experience.

Camp Invention Sponsors:

  • Nordson Corporation Foundation
  • Neshannock Township Education Foundation
  • Neshannock Memorial PTO
  • Neshannock School Board
  • Neshannock Lions Club
  • GEM Builders
  • Lindy Paving
  • Medure Bonner Law
  • Arnett Carbis Toothman
  • T.C. Redi Mix
  • Norge Construction

Camp Director, Mrs. Alicia Measel, would like to extend her sincere gratitude to all those who made Camp Invention possible, including Neshannock Township School District Superintendent, Dr. Terence P. Meehan.

Camp Invention YouTube video, created by Leadership Intern, Joey Heath:

Camp Invention 2017

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